Keep Going! ——东岳中学“到一线 助创城”家访活动正在进行中(三)
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Keep Going! ——东岳中学“到一线 助创城”家访活动正在进行中(三)

Its burning hot on August 5th-6th.

More and more teachers are busy with home visits.

They communicate with parents.

They give students suggestions and encouragements.

 They receive thanks and appreciations.

They are so good at dedications.

How to shift the balance.

Between the students and their own families.

Well, they are all lovely kids in their eyes.

You may wonder, What the image of teachers in the new era is?

See what every teacher in Dongyue Middle School does.

The advanced teaching methods in class.

The responsibility and patience they show us.

To teach students how to live rather than survive on earth.

To face all the struggle and challenges and improve their worth.

To teach not only the knowledge.

But the ability to choose the proper path.

To know the right from wrong, always.

To understand eternal truth.

To help the world grow in wisdom and in grace.

To gain a life with love and peace.

To fill the places and do their parts

With enough patience, efficiencies, and confidence

With enough strength, courage and independence.

To be reliable, flexible, accountable and ambitious

To see more and more excellent teenagers

with all the above spirits

To promote the education career of Taian and make it a real success

So we keep going

That is our faith

and happiness.

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